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An important part of my practice is educating about homeopathy. I regularly present public classes about the benefits of homeopathy and how to treat common ailments. Examples include Homeopathic Care of New Mothers and Infants, Women in Midlife, and Natural Treatment of Colds and Flu.

I have taught classes for food co-ops, community education programs, and parents’ groups. A typical class lasts 90 to 120 minutes.

A favorite class is Homeopathy 101: Opening the Home Medicine Chest which covers how to treat your family’s everyday illness with safe, gentle homeopathic remedies including: how to use remedies effectively for ear infections, flu, stomach upsets, fevers, cold, injuries and emotional shocks; top ten homeopathic remedies to keep on hand; and guidelines for when to consult your homeopath and when to call a doctor.

One of the toughest issues parents face is determining if they will vaccinate their children and what to do if their children get sick if they do not vaccinate. For those considering alternatives to conventional vaccination, I offer Homeoprophlaxis: A Homeopathic Alternative to Vaccination. This class covers the homeoprophylaxis program and how vaccines affect the immune system.  There will be discussion and an opportunity for questions to help you determine if homeoprophylaxis is a good option for your family.

Call if you are interested in a class for your organization or group.


“Jackie’s Homeopathy 101 class was just what I’d been looking for to gain tools and confidence to heal common ailments more naturally. I’d been looking unsuccessfully for a class for some time after my son was born. When I reached out to Jackie she offered to set one up if I was able to help recruit enough people to join in. She covered the history of homeopathy in addition to helping us navigate the difference between herbal and homeopathic remedies. I would highly recommend the class for anyone who’s curious to learn more about how to use homeopathy!” — Julie H.