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Remedy kits

Homeopathic Remedy Kits are an economical way to have commonly needed remedies on hand for injury, emergencies and acute illness. I keep these kits in stock. If you are interested in purchasing one contact me at: jackie@homeopathyminneapolis.com or 612-824-7808.

These kits make great holiday, birthday or new mom gifts. They are also a helpful resource for students at college.

The Helios Basic 36 Kit is strong, lightweight and compact. Each kit comes with a comprehensive booklet that introduces you to homeopathy and features an A – Z guide of symptoms that can be treated and a description of the main uses of the remedies contained. Cost is $75.

Helios Basic 36 Remedy Kit

Helios Basic 36 Remedy Kit

The Helios Basic 36 Kit contains 30 different remedies all in 30C potency. Remedies included: aconite, ant-tart, apis, arg-nit, arnica, arsenicum, belladonna, bryonia, calc-carb, calendula, cantharsis, carbo-veg, chamomilla, china, drosera, gelsemium, hepar-sulf, hypericum, ignatia, ipecac, kali -bi, lachesis, ledum, lycopodium, mag-phos, mercurius, nat-mur, nux-vomica, phosphorus, pulsatilla, rhus-tox, ruta, sepia, silica, staphisagria, and sulphur.

The remedies are contained in 2g glass bottles holding approximately 35 doses in pellet form.