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Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is an immune system education program towards infectious contagious disease. It is safe, non-toxic and easily administered. HP is based on 200 years of medical practice and research.

HP is the systematic use of nosodes prior to exposure to disease for the purpose of educating your child’s immune system. HP  stimulates natural immune system response and enhances normal childhood development.

When to consider a homeoprophylaxis program

The HP Program is designed for parents who have made the decision not to vaccinate their children, but who would like to employ a safe alternative method of disease prevention. No method of disease protection can be guaranteed 100% perfect. The Program is flexible.  If there are diseases that you feel have become obsolete or your child has outgrown the risk period of that particular disease the respective nosode may be dropped from the list.

Click here to watch my presentation on homeoprophylaxis.

How it works

Upon repetition of the particular remedy it is understood that some aspect of susceptibility to that disease has been fulfilled. Research has demonstrated that children who complete the HP Program and then have definite exposure to a disease covered in the program, show greatly reduced incidence of contracting that disease.

Supplied with the program are sufficient remedy doses for up to 4 children to complete four years of homeoprophylaxis to the most commonly vaccinated against childhood diseases. Remedies selected are based on current disease prevalence and risk factors. Additional remedies may be added to the Main Program if there are special circumstances or needs i.e., for foreign travel or disease outbreaks.

Remedies in the kit are potentized preparations of the disease germ or human discharges produced in relationship to that particular germ (homeopathic nosodes). Remedies are easily administered orally as tiny sugar pellets that dissolve under the tongue.

Homeoprophylaxis booklet

Families must be under the supervision of a homeopath who is certified in the HP Program and trained to administer the protocol. I am formally certified and can supervise your family. As an HP supervisor, I am your point of contact for the duration of the program.