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Starting the HP Program

Many parents have questions about homeoprophylaxis such as: how does the program work; what are the benefits and risks; at what age children can begin the program; and what if my children are partially vaccinated.

I encourage you to call me with your concerns at 612-824-7808 or email me at jackie@homeopathyminneapolis.com.

Once your questions and concerns have been addressed, we will set up an office or phone appointment to get started. At this appointment we will review the HP protocol, officially register your family into the program, go over nuts and bolts so you know exactly how to give the remedies, and discuss any additional questions you have.

Costs for the entire program which includes supervision, remedies, record keeping booklet and shipping along with a lifetime family membership in Free and Healthy Children International is $345.15 for one child, $458.35 for two children, $471.55 for three children and $484.75 for four children.

To learn more

I strongly encourage parents considering the HP Program to check out Free and Healthy Children for more information about how the program works to educate your child’s immune system.

Another resource is The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis the Vaccine Alternative, co-authored by board-certified classical homeopaths, Kate Birch and Cilla Whatcott. This book includes information on:

  • basic functioning of the immune system and importance of fevers
  • how to support healthy development of the immune system to be free of allergies, food sensitivities, ear infections and developmental delays
  • vaccination history, development and present application
  • vaccination’s effect on the developing immune system
  • introduction of homeoprophylaxis as an alternative method of infectious disease